Your Wedding Live Band

The secret to an unforgettable wedding celebration is having the best band. You have numerous choices for a wedding band style. Choose according to your wedding theme, musical preferences, as well as your guests’ musical tastes.  The question is, where to start? Read on and find.


The Style of Music

Singapore wedding live band will always make great wedding live music and your wedding reception remarkably unforgettable. But what would you really like to achieve? Would you want to bring even the shyest guest to be on the dance floor? Or perhaps just provide sophisticated background music to your guests who do not really dance that much? Singapore wedding live band can play all the songs you wish to hear, from the song that reminds you of you and your spouse’s first meeting to chart topping hits that will bring everyone to the dance floor.

DJ or Live Band?

Wedding live band Singapore creates a pleasing mood, making your wedding celebration vibrant and extraordinary. Having a DJ in your wedding reception is not as remarkable as having a live band. You won’t be getting the same stage presence and spontaneity a company like white ribbon live band performing in singapore can provide. On the other hand, hiring a DJ will probably give you greater selections of songs. Most wedding DJs bring up to 8,000 songs to every gig, and provide high-quality lighting equipment for your wedding party. They can even cater song requests from guests or just stick to your requested song list.

Bands can also play pre-recorded music during breaks. There are even some that can provide DJ services with the use of their laptops to mix music. But expect a higher rate if you opt for this kind of band.


Working Out the Venue

There are venues that are intended for loud music, like clubs and pubs, and there are also some that has sound constraints with noise limiter installed in the area. Find out the type of venue you have, is it small or big? With noise restrictions or none? If there are, make sure you have informed the band so they can make adjustments on whatever needs to be adjusted. A well-experienced wedding live band Singapore will be able to adapt easily to your situation. These bands can adjust their equipment or have fewer musicians to fit into a smaller location.

Finding a Good Band

Finding a wedding band can be a bit tricky. Opt for bands with high experiences in performing to weddings before. Ask your family or friends for any band suggestions. You can also visit local places with local live bands playing, like bars and clubs. Regular customers of local bars are very much aware of the best bands in the area. Ask for director’s contact number or contact directly the band leader and arrange a meeting with the group as soon as possible. In addition, it is also best to watch first the bands play before making any arrangements with them. That’s why it is best to personally visit the place and hunt for the best bands in the locality.

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